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Mission Statement

Charles A. Olayinka

Charles A. Olayinka

The 2013 Peace Charlie Winning Essay has been announced!
» Applications for 2014 will be accepted on June 1, 2014

The Charles A. Olayinka Scholarship was established to help those diagnosed with bipolar disorder achieve their ultimate academic goals. We feel we can do this best by awarding a partial college scholarship to a deserving student, who has strived to overcome the many obstacles faced in dealing with their disease.

We would also like to help raise public awareness of how negative stereotypes affect the mentally ill. By establishing this web-site it is our hope that those living with bipolar disorder can help others by sharing their experiences relating to being diagnosed with a mental illness.

We believe that by sharing their stories it will give others living with the disease the impetus to climb out of the downward spiral of emptiness and despair, and deal positively and constructively with their disease, thereby scoring a resounding ‚Äúcheck mate‚ÄĚ for mental illness.

» more information

For more information about bipolar disorder please visit the National Institute of Mental Health’s website: